Metabolism by flow

Thomas Chiles chilest at
Fri Nov 4 05:57:05 EST 2005

I do not know of any methods that will allow quantitation of lactate 
levels in cells via flow. The problem, in part, is that the rate of 
lactate efflux, once produced in the cells, is very rapid and thus, it 
is difficult to measure intracellular levels accurately.  Sigma 
Diagnostic sells a lactate measurement kit which allow for the 
measurement of lactate secreted into the tissue culture medium.  We use 
NMR to monitor 13C incorporation into lactate from [1-13C]glucose in B 


Alexander Astrakhan wrote:

> Dear Flowers
> Is there a way to measure cellular metabolism by flow?  Specifically, 
> I am interested in determining the cellular respiration rate and 
> whether the cell is undergoing anaerobic or aerobic respiration.  I 
> would like to use flow to measure ATP production, lactate content, 
> respiration enzyme activity, etc.  Thank you for any advice. 
> Alexander
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> Alexander Astrakhan
> Graduate Student
> Department of Immunology
> University of Washington 

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