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I don't think what you are experiencing is limited to the Aria.  The poor tech support for LSRII and Aria (and I assume Canto) occurs because of several issues.  I think with so many new instruments the volume of calls must be higher.  Rarely does a live tech support person answer the phone anymore,	the call almost always gets bumped to Dispatch.  Then when you finally get a callback from tech support (hours sometimes) they are not knowledgeable on these newer instruments (unlike the Calibur).	Therefore they are incapable of troubleshooting at all and the call must be dispatched to the field service engineer anyway.  This has wasted precious hours and many times I have missed them getting a dispatch to the FSE that same day.	This is made worse if you are on the East Coast where there are very few people in the phone room from 9am-12pm EST, and they don't bother calling back after 5pm EST, or wait until you have safely gone home at 7pm EST to leave a callback message.  This means you must call them back in the morning and start all over again with Dispatch.  Thankfully the instruments and software are much better and I don't need to call as often.

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  Dear flow community,

  For those of you with a FACSAria-do you feel that you get the same quality of service with the Aria that you do with your other BD instruments?  I'm assuming that Aria users all have a service contract, given its difficult beginning.	Am I mistaken?	I realize that BD has been working to create fixes for the specific instrument problems and after a few updates, I'm not having nearly as many problems as I did early on.  This message is not really to gripe about the instrument itself, but to find out how others feel about the support for it.  Do you find the tech support to be helpful?  Are your problems resolved in a timely manner?  Do you ever feel that you've been completely forgotten and find yourself calling tech support multiple times to get a problem solved?  Has the person that "will be calling you ASAP" ever actually called you?  

  The service contract for the Aria is somewhere in the range of twice that for the Calibur, as I'm sure it should be due to the differences in cost and complexity.  However, I often feel that I get much better service in the rare event that I have a problem with the Calibur.  Is this an unreasonable comparison?  I realize that the Calibur has been out there for a long time and the Aria is still relatively new, but shouldn't the service still be comparable?    

  I'm not trying to gripe about a particular person, and have no trouble with the engineers who have been here, but I'm confused by the overall difference in response between issues with the Calibur and those with the Aria.  

  Thanks in advance for any comments,


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