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It is possible that you might need a license depending on where you are.
Usually though only the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) needs one.  You
should have someone already designated for this post at your
institution.  If not they will have to designate someone and then comply
with the local jurisdiction requirements for licensure.

Don't forget that having a totally enclosed beam will drop the
classification of your laser from IV (a 5 watt laser is pretty powerful)
to a Class I or II which could change your safety requirements for
operation.  For maintenance on a laser with that sort of power though
you will most likely need a LSO.  There are LSO courses available.
Like this one.

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"Management"?  I don't. I'm at a university and all they wanted to see
was some acknowledgement from me that I knew what I was doing (BD
certification).  Then all they wanted to do was post warning sheets that
contained the Class of laser on the door.

I've never been asked for a license.


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I have a Sorter fitted with two water cooled Lasers. One is a 5 Watt
Coherent Innova 90C and the other is a Coherent Innova 70C Spectrum.
I have been asked by Management if I have a licence to operate these
even though I have had training from BD and Coherent in how to operate
system safely.
My question is does anyone have a formal licence if they do where did
get it and what is involved?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Best Wishes

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