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wang yilan yilan1012 at
Thu Nov 3 09:00:36 EST 2005

Dear flowers,

Thank you for all your suggestions for my question.
Here I collect them as the following:

"William King" <wking at>
Hello Yilan,
I would recommend a product called Accutase and for
tissues, AccuMax. Know that Accutase is much more
gentle than Trypsin. Accutase does not damage surface
antigens and no neutralization is necessary. Accutase
can be purchased from its creator, Innovative Cell
Technologies, or from all the usual suspects, e.g.,
Sigma, eBioscience, Chemicon, and probably many

"Corver, W.E. (PATH)" <W.E.Corver at> 
Dear Yilan,
Use trypsin/EDTA or EDTA. Inexpensive and effective,
frequently without 
damaging cell surface epitopes:
Limited loss of nine tumor-associated surface
antigenic determinants 
after tryptic cell dissociation.
Cytometry. 1995 Mar 1;19(3):267-72. 
Best regards,
Willem Corver

"Jonni S. Moore" <moorej at> 
we've had good luck with 5mM EDTA to remove the
adherent cells..just 
>add to flask, let sit for a bit at room temp (may
have to do a few 
>minutes at 37 if RT doesn't work. Immediately after
the cells come 
>off, transfer to cold EDTA containing staining buffer
and continue 
>with staining being sure to keep cold..this should
work for you..

"Ruth Bates" <r.l.bates at> 
I've found scraping works best with kidney
epithelials, people have 
published using just EDTA with the same cells as I use
but in my hands 
they won't come off even after an hour.
If your cells aren't too precious try EDTA first, then

Ruth L Bates BSc(Hons) MSc PhD
Renal Research
Dept of Medicine
University of Birmingham
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
B15 2TH
+44 (0)121 414 3785

Yilan W

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