Laser Licence

Neal Benson nbenson at
Wed Nov 2 18:15:16 EST 2005

Hi Leonie,

I believe it should be looked at this way: While your lasers are Class 
IV (potentially hazardous and regulated), you are not operating a 
"laser", you're operating a flow cytometer.  If the beams are contained 
behind safety interlocks that are operating as designed by the 
manufacturer and not being defeated, it becomes a Class I device which 
is unregulated.

There's some more info at

(Look down the page to where "Class1" is shown).

Regards & good luck,

Leonie Gaudry wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Sorter fitted with two water cooled Lasers. One is a 5 Watt
> Coherent Innova 90C and the other is a Coherent Innova 70C Spectrum.
> I have been asked by Management if I have a licence to operate these Lasers
> even though I have had training from BD and Coherent in how to operate my
> system safely.
> My question is does anyone have a formal licence if they do where did they
> get it and what is involved?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thank you
> Best Wishes
> Leonie

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