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Larry Arnold lwarma at
Wed Nov 2 10:33:16 EST 2005

One other issue I have not seen commented on is the type of 
collection tube used.  When sorting fairly large numbers of cells 
into a tube - obviously with droplets of all the same charge - use of 
polystyrene collection tubes will result in fairly large losses due 
to cells electrostatically sticking to the tube.  It is very 
difficult in our experience to get these to come off the tube at 
least to remain viable.  We had one user who kept thinking I could 
not sort because he could never recover the number of cells I told 
him I sorted into the tube.  He kept insisting on using 
polystyrene.  Finally I got him to switch to polypropylene and "all 
of a sudden" he cold recover the stated number of cells.


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