MAC OS X 2.6 login recording

Samuel Connell sconnell at
Tue Nov 1 17:11:31 EST 2005

Joanne Lannigan wrote:

>Hi Larry:
>We create Logins as Users in OSX using the OSX OS (accounts) and then use
>freeware from Brightlight software called Login Accounting to generate the
>reports from the logs that OSX generates, much the same as Fileguard. These
>reports can then be imported into Excel to be manipulated how you like. OSX
>records the user name, date, log in time and log out time.  It works quite
>well for us.
>Check it out-
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>>From: Larry Arnold <lwarma at>
>>Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 10:42:19 -0500
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>>Subject: MAC OS X 2.6 login recording
>>Recently B-D upgraded our Calibur to a G4.  After much trouble they
>>finally got CellQuest Pro to run but had to go back to v2.6.	In the
>>process, of course, we lost our ability to record system log ins (for
>>billing purposes).  With OS 9.2 we were using FileGuard but Intego
>>still does not have an OS X version.	I have searched the archives
>>for answers to this issue (which I though were there) but everything
>>I found seems to be for OS 9.x.  What (if anything) are others with
>>OS X using to track system usage?  Also does anyone know of a way to
>>get MAC OS X (2.6) to use a login from a Win2K 2000 server domain
>>controller?  (I don't mean just be able to talk to a Win2K server
>>e.g. sending data there - but to actually use the authentication
>>services to log in to the MAC OS X box).  Thanks for any help.
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Hi Joanne,

     With this method, are you able to also automate the Log Out?  ie.	
After 15 min of inactivity, Log Out automatically.   Or are you 
dependant on the goodness of your users?

Thanks for the insight.

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