re-installing DIVA

Pizzo,Eugene Pizzo at NSO1.UCHC.EDU
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Hi Simon,
I haven't found this to be too difficult a task if you install all the
programs, the database, java, and DIVA all at the same time from the
same installer. I have had issues in attempting to reinstall a
previously saved database into an upgrade of DIVA but that happened
because I installed a copied database without doing the "official"
back-up and restore from within the database management software, and I
consequently failed to copy over all the necessary files. I'd install
4.1.2 DIVA which is the latest I think, and then I'd install SpySweeper
or some such, which works great for us.
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It finally happened, the Windows 2000 OS broke. 
Can someone explain to me how to re-install DIVA on my FACS
Vantage DIVA. I would like to do a clean system install then load the
software. I planned to do this months ago because of all the spyware
I've collected. 
Thanks for any help 

Simon Monard
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