Cell permeant DNA dyes for nucleated cell identification.

Robin Barclay robin.barclay at ed.ac.uk
Tue Nov 1 10:19:23 EST 2005

Does anyone have any experience with molecular probes Syto Red dyes for 
identification of blood or cultured human cells?  I have tried DRAQ5 for 
this - and although it looks promising, I lose 2 channels out of 4 since it 
appears in FL3 on 488 excitation and also in FL4 on 633 excitation in our 
FacsCalibur system. It does not appear to influence FL1 or FL2 (FITC or PE) 
to any significant extent, so in that respect it is OK.  However, I believe 
it is possible to use a Syto Red with 633 excitation for channel FL4 
detection while retaining 488/FL3 for immunostaining, as well as FL1 and 
FL2.  Can anyone confirm, and if so what in their experience is the best 
Syto Red dye to use?
Robin Barclay

Dr G Robin Barclay PhD
Lead Scientist
SNBTS Adult Cell Therapy Group
SNBTS R&D Division
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

(Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh) 

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