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Fri Feb 25 03:54:24 EST 2005

Hi Deb,

We used TO-PRO-3 quite happily as a membrane permeability dye when the PI channel was
used up on the argon laser. I don't recall any special problems, although we did rinse
with bleach afterwards as a precaution. However,  as a general rule, different types of
plastics can be more or less susceptible to staining with different dyes, so results on
one machine are not necessarily applicable to another. We also got away with using a very
low concentration of TO-PRO-3 (100 nM), but that may be because we had the luxury of
having a special flow cytometer that was custom built for bacterial analysis, so it was
very sensitive. Higher concentrations may lead to more staining.

Rereading this letter reminds me of many papers I read. Definite conclusions backed up
with tons of caveats and qualifying statements, so if your results were completely
different from mine, I can always say: "well, I didn't say it ALWAYS worked like
this....." :-)


Thursday, February 24, 2005, 8:32:46 AM, you wrote:

> Hi everybody,

> Anyone have experience with To-Pro-3 in flow?  I am told by other users
> here that they tried it (bacterial samples) and it stuck to the tubing
> and labelled everything run after that and that it was a nightmare to
> get out.

> Any comments on how to avoid this?

> Deb Berglund
> Montana State University

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