FRET using FACScalibur

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Dear Ankita,

The paper bleow describes how to perform FRET measurements on 
FACScalibur.  It also offers autofluorescence correction on a cell by cell 

Sebestyén, Z., Nagy, P., Horváth, G., Vámosi, G., Debets, R.,  Gratama, J. 
W., Alexander, D.R., Szöllösi, J: Improving flow cytometric energy transfer 
measurements on a commercial flow cytometer using cell-by-cell correction 
for autofluorescence.
Cytometry, 2002. 48, 124-135.

However in your case the situation can be a bit more complicated.  Can I 
assume from your short description that the ligands and the receptors are 
on two separate cells?	If yes, how would you keep the cells together in 
the flow system? Even if you succeed only percent of the receptors will 
interact with the ligands [for sterical reasons] so the FRET signal will be 
overshadowed by fluorescence coming from molecules not participating in the 
FRET process.

For this purpose microscopic measurements could be a better solution.

Do not hesitate to write me directly with more specific questions!



At 11:04 PM 2/11/2005, Garg, Ankita wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have to perform receptor-ligand interaction on 2  cell .I want do it 
>using FRET, but am
>not sure how can I do it with flowcytometr . I work on FACScalibur with 2 
>lasers. Please
>help me out.
>thanks in advance
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>According to a beer advert there are beers that reach parts not reached
>by others, but I can not see that to be the case for disinfectants.
>Hypochlorite and alcohol is as potent as you can get. You are more
>likely to miss some crucial part in the cleaning routine (valve, air
>trap...). If you sort below 40PSI I recommend Millifill-GV disposable
>online filter(2 in parallel) close to the flow cell. That should stop
>anything from that end.
>Good luck
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>Subject: Sorter sterilization
>Can someone tell me the concentration of hydrogen peroxide they use in
>sterilization of a cell sorter.
>  I have tried ETOH and Bleach ( various concentrations), but my low
>level contamination continues, so I want to try peroxide.
>Any wisdom would be appreciated

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