RAAM for HIV Vaccine - Particpate

J. Paul Robinson jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
Tue Feb 8 17:13:44 EST 2005

Rarely do I actively promote a charity project on the web. I 
have decided to do so for Patrick Autissier one our own 
members - a flow cytometrist at Harvard University and an 
active member of this discussion and ISAC.

Patrick will send an email soon that outlines his goal - a ride 
across America to raise money for AIDS vaccine research. I 
have personally donated $100 immediately and I encourage 
all of you to do the same. If you can't afford $100 then give 
generously as you are able. Read Patrick's message and 
then go to his website. 

This is a great cause - and I for one will be cheering for 
Patrick to go as far as his legs will carry him - 3000 miles 
seems impossible, but his is going to try - the least our flow	
community can do is support him - if you know a company 
in our field - ask them to match your donation!!

Kind regards and good luck Patrick

Paul Robinson
Purdue University

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