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J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Thu Dec 22 17:27:16 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues
As usual, I am sending you a state-of-cytometry message - Firstly I wish 
all of you the best wishes of the season and a productive and successful 
new year.

2005 is a very important year. It is the 40th anniversary of Mack 
Fulwyler’s great achievement of the electrostatic cell sorter 
demonstration in 1965. I hope that many of you will come to the ISAC 
congress and see one of the original instruments made by Mack in 1967. 
It will be at the meeting for you to see and touch!!! An icon in 
cytometry indeed.

The discussion list now is an institution in the field of cytometry. 
Steve Kelley has maintained this for the benefit of all. I am grateful 
that you, as a community of sciece are such strong supporters and users 
of this communication portal. It has been good for cytometry. So who are 
this years winners of the clickiest keybords?

37 messages: Guy Hermans
35 messages: Howard Shapiro
34 messages: Uriel TK, JPaul Robinson
31 messages: Joanne Lannigan
29 messages: G. Nebe-Von-Caron
23 messages: Derek Davies
21 messages: Calman Prussin
20 messages: Timothy Bushnell
17 messages: Mario Roederer, Rachel Gerstein, Marti Bigos

Howard has been deposed - long live Howard!

405 authors submitted 1  message
123 authors submitted 2  messages
77 authors submitted 3	messages
46 authors submitted 4	messages
27 authors submitted 5	messages
28 authors submitted 6	messages
14 authors submitted 7	messages
6 authors submitted 8  messages
9 authors submitted 9  messages
4 authors submitted 10	messages
2 authors submitted 11	messages
3 authors submitted 12	messages
2 authors submitted 13	messages
1 authors submitted 14	messages
3 authors submitted 15	messages
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1 authors submitted 20	messages
1 authors submitted 21	messages
1 authors submitted 23	messages
1 authors submitted 29	messages
1 authors submitted 31	messages
2 authors submitted 34	messages
1 authors submitted 35	messages
1 authors submitted 37	message

We had 2141 messages for 2005 up to today:
Jan 185
Feb 208
Mar 220
Apr 197
May 143
Jun 153
Jul 170
Aug 156
Sep 182
Oct 229
Nov 217
Dec  81

765 individual contributing authors is outstanding. There are currently 
2635 members with active addresses. 200 members with bad addresses were 
deleted in September (we do this every few months)- if a friend no 
longer gets the list you know why. The net gain of members over 2005 was 
257 new subscribers. I am excited to tell you that many of those new 
subscribers have joined ISAC as well.

In other news, 2005 was a changing year for ISAC. The ISAC website is 
now managed by Purdue and Dr. Bartek Rajwa was appointed as web editor. 
He also edits the congress website. I hope you have seen the dramatic 
improvement in the state of the ISAC web.

The new website has taken off! in the past 6 months there have been a 
total of 100,000 accesses. This is an enormous increase and I hope that 
you find what you need and if you don't you tell us!! It will take time 
to get this site perfect - but that is our goal....we know that there 
are some changes some dont like, but that is what progress is about.

Our PUCL environment has also changed this year. After 17 years in the 
basement of Hansen Hall at Purdue, PUCL has moved into a beautiful new 
institute - the Bindley Bioscience Center. It has huge windows!! What a 
change for us  - moving our entire group across the campus has caused us 
some headaches and a few glitches for our website and a couple for the 
discussion list- we think we have it all under control. After 0ver 20 
years in a basement - I now live in an office that has an entire wall of 
glass!! Regardless, the PUCL environment is changing like the rest of 
the world - its a good thing I think.

The ISAC Congress in on May 20-24, 2006. So far over 225 abstracts were 
submitted for oral presentations. Abstract submission for posters closes 
on Feb 1 (and if we see outstanding potential oral presentations in 
these we can still put then up as talks). Now is the time to work out 
your travel and funding arrangements. I hope that many of you who are 
not members of ISAC will consider joining ISAC to get the significant 
saving in registration fees. Quebec City will be really nice in May - 
you will enjoy the congress. I look forward to personally meeting with 
many of you. Please contact me directly if you have questions - I would 
be delighted to answer them. Go to for info on the congress.

So, thanks to you all for your participation in the cytometry discussion 
this year.

Cytometry and cytomics are in a good state - best wishes to you all.

Kind regards


J. Paul Robinson
Professor of Immunopharmacology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
Bindley Bioscience Center
Discovery Park, Purdue University
Ph (765) 494 0757; Fax (765) 494 0517
email: wombat at

-- End --

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