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Hi John,
We've had one Aria running for >2 yrs and one that we just started running
within the last 3-4 months.  Overall our experience has been positive, with
the biggest issue being the nozzle, which we fixed with the "Dave Parks" fix
initially, and now with the new ceramic nozzles.  We routinely sort murine
and human T, B and Dendritic cell subsets at 30 and 70 psi.  The purities
are excellent, but are dependent upon the same factors that influence all
sorting, i.e. population resolution as determined by staining, viability,
etc.  It did take some time to establish the instrument parameters for some
of our populations, especially murine dendritic cells, but our operator, Cal
Eigsti was able to get it worked out.
We've had some other issues that were 'unique', such as a loose mirror/lens
assembly for the accudrop camera that was initially hard to diagnose as a
problem separate from the camera mount.  There have also been some problems
with the solenoid valves sticking.  It seems that it has taken BD some time
to gain experience in all of the various problems that the Aria's are
capable of producing, but they are making some progress in this regard.
I'd be happy to discuss your issues further, if you wish to call.

Kevin L. Holmes, Ph.D.
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We have had a FACSAria in the lab for > 2yrs. Well actually two since the
first one was replaced. We continue to be plagued by the inability to sort
accurately and consistently  acceptably clean populations of mouse T and B
cells on this machine, particularly if they are small subsets. Despite
various fixes and technical advice this machine has been a big
disappointment given the pre-release claims for this BD machine. I was
wondering if other FACSAria users have had similar problems and if so were
they surmountable? Thanks John
John F Kearney
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378 Tumor Institute
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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jfk at uab.edu 
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