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Hi Margie
BD are correct, though I hesitate to "plug" their or any company's
See also "Guidelines for the flow cytemetric enumeration of CD34+
haemopoietic stem cells" - Barnett et al, Clin Lab Haem 1999 21 301-308.
Recommends use of class II (PE conjugates) as Class I antibodies fail to
detect all glycoforms of the CD34 antigen. PE is also recommended as it
is the most discriminating fluorochrome. However, if you wish to use
different CD34 conjugates, I should try a Class III antibody conjugated
to APC.
Hope this is useful.
Mark Simmerson
Transplantation Technical Specialist
Auckland Hospital

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We have a discrepency between our CD34-FITC and CD34-PE with some of our
cases (mostly CML's not in blast crisis or cases with an increase in
promyelocytes/blasts).	The CD34-PE will show a dim positive where as
the CD34-FITC will be negative. We have used BD for both FITC and PE and
found that they were two different clones.  We went to DAKO CD34-FITC to
match the clone of the PE and still have a similar problem. We use
CD34-FITC with CD33 and CD13 and it is difficult to determine whether
the cells are dim positive or negative. We did titrate the CD34-FITC and
found that even at 40ul, the stain is still negative.
BD suggests using CD34-PE exclusively.	
Any suggestions?


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