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 Job Title: 
		Flow Cytometry Specialist
		BIDMC-Science &Tech/Rsrch Admn
	Job Description: 
	Responsibilities: Incumbent will maintain and operate Mo-Flo
fluorescent activated cell analyzer and cell sorter instrument and a FacScan
multi-user flow cytometers used for research studies by multiple
investigators at BIDMC. Flow Cytometry Specialist will collaborate with
research investigators in the design and analysis of experiments requiring
technology, supervise research staff in laboratories of research
investigators in preparation and analysis of samples, instruct researchers
on the operation of the FacScan for their individual applications, instruct
research on the use of flow Cytometry data analysis software, and will
administer the facility on a cost-sharing basis. Requirements: Masters
degree in biological/physical sciences with experience in the operation of
the instrument in a scientific research lab preferred; or a bachelors degree
plus training and experience equivalent to the above. Sufficient knowledge
of cell biology, and the mathematics, statistics, computer hardware and
software involved to operate the system, analyze the data and apply and
design experimental methods of research studies. Hours: Monday - Friday,
1:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. If interested please e-mail John Tigges
(jtigges at	

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Hello Karim,

I'd use PI, My guess is that you are not interested in the non-viable
anyway and the PI -ve population shouldn't affect your SNARF staining.

I use PI as a viability stain in conjunction with PE/PerCP etc with no

Best regards,


>What's the best way to check viability of SNARF-1-labeled cells by flow
a single-laser system? As far as I understand, SNARF-1 emits in the same
wavelength as 7-AAD, and possibly overlaps with PI as well.
>If the only solution to this problem involves a 633 nm laser, what
you suggest as an optimal viability/dead cell marker?
>Thanks for any info!
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