CD8 available upon request

J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Tue Jun 29 18:51:58 EST 2004

We have had a number of requests for our new cytometry 
CD - CD8. It is difficult and costly for us to ship these to 
everyone, and that is why we try to get them to you at 
meetings. However, we realize that many of you don't get to 
the meetings.

Bangs Labs has generously offered to send out copies of 
CD8 to anyone who requests one. We would like to thank 
Bangs for this offer - I am sure they will probably send some 
of their own materials as well. Bangs was also one of our 
major sponsors of CD8. (

If you would like a personal copy, please send an email to 
cd8 at - you must include:
your name
your full delivery address

you would be surprised at how many request we reveived 
for the last CD....and no delivery address!!

You should also be able to obtain copies from other 
sponsors if you should see your local rep: Becton 
Dickinson, Beckman Coulter, Caltag, Polysciences, Bangs 
Labs, Dako Cytomation, Molecular Probes, Phoenix Flow 
Systems, Trillium Diagnostics, Verity Software, Chroma 
Filters, Evergreen Laser, Tree Star, Southern 
Biotechnology, Spherotech.

Best wishes
J. Paul Robinson
PS...we will be finished our next Microscopy and Imaging 
CDROM (Vol 2) in 4 weeks. Look for it at MSA meeting in 
August and several other imaging based meetings. details 

J.Paul Robinson, PhD		 PH:(765)4940757
Professor of Immunopharmacology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering  
Purdue University	   FAX:(765)4940517
EMAIL:jpr at

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