Uptake of antigen by dendritic cells

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Hi Max, there is a protocol for assessing the DC antigen up take in 
current protocols in cytometry.   Nunez R.,. Assessment of surface 
markers and functionality of Dendritic cells. Unit 9.17 in Robinson J.P., 
Darzynkiewicz Z., Dean P., Orfao A., Rabinovitch P., Tanke H., Wheeless 
L. eds. Current protocols in Cytometry. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 
Inc. 2001;  Unit 9.17.	9.17.1-9.17.15.


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>Hello Flowers,
>I am searching for a method to determine the amount of antigen which 
>uptaken by DCs. We used FITC labeled FAB-Fragments to simulate 
the uptake of
>protein and could found them inside the DC by confocal microscopy. I 
am now
>looking for a quantitive method, maybe something which could be 
measured by
>Thank you
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