malarial parasites protocol

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You might want to consider the vital dye hyroethidine, which is converted metabolically
by active cells to ethidium that can be detected by FL-1 and FL-2 on a FACScan.  You can
distinguish ring stages from schizont stages.  Use log in both FSC and SSC.  The former
on a FACScan set at E-1 Voltage and Gain set at 1.00.  See Ya Ping Shi et al.  1999.
Diferential effect and interaction of monocytes, hyperimmune sera, and
------------------------------------------------. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 60(1): 135-141.

Good luck.

Delynn Moss
Centers for Disease Control
Division of Parasitic Diseases

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could somebody send me a protocol for staining erythrocytes infected with 
malarial parasites... have not been able to find one. The users want to 
stain with Thiazole Orange and Hoechst. I assume it is all measured on 
linear but need to know how much UV power as well.

thanks in advance
Ann Atzberger

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