Ecological question: how to differentiate between species by their pigmentcomposition?

Wijnholds, Anita A.Wijnholds at
Fri Jun 25 03:53:19 EST 2004

Dear all,


Recently we got an (old) Coulter Epics Elite Flowcytometer. We try to
differentiate (marine) photosynthetic organisms by their
pigmentcomposition and do countings. The organisms, which we want to
differentiate are green algae, cyanobacteria and red algae. We also try
to count bacteria in seawater samples.  

As I am quite a novice in flowcytometry,  I am interested in any good
tips&tricks to perform this. 

Although we got a good instruction of a colleague, I have some
questions, on which I would like to hear your answers:

-	   What are good discriminators (to put on the axes)?

-	   Can I analyse fixed samples (with formalin) in a sheath of

-	   Is Sybr Gold a good choice to label marine samples? Can fixed
samples be put in demiwater?  

-	   We got a set of different (black) "filters". How can you see
which to put in front of the FSC detector?

-	   Will the kind of beamshaper have substantial influence?


Thanks in advance for your response,

With best regards,


Anita Wijnholds






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