Super Cores???

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this may not be the exact scenario...the issue was mostly that 
equipment would not be purchased for individual user groups...ex. 
there would not be several sorters located in multiple areas at an 
institution.  The idea is that	a particular technology should be 
consolidated for most efficiency (all sorters in one core).  The 
combination of all cores under one management is an evolving concept 
and has some benefits as well, but those structures (like we have 
here at Penn and in chicago) clearly require a major institutional 


At 1:44 PM -0500 6/22/04, ckuszyns at wrote:
>At the recent ISAC meeting there was some discussion regarding NIH
>requirements to form "Super Cores" to	support NIH based research on
>individual campuses.  Which in effect means that campus cores or shared
>resources would need to be administered as a whole with all disciplines
>under the same management.
>Anyone have any more info or experience with this???
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