Clinical Flow Cytometry Instrument - *Please Respond* lrs1 at
Thu Jun 24 11:51:27 EST 2004

Thanks to all who have responded to my brief question about clinical flow 
cytometry instrument use so far!!  My project is ending soon, BUT I would 
still like to hear from those who have not responded or were out of town. 

I am interested in communicating with people who are using flow cytometers 
for clinical testing in and outside the US. 

I would like to know what instrument you are using: 

1) Beckman-Coulter
2) Becton-Dickinson
3) DAKO/Cytomation
4) Partec GmbH
5) Aber Instruments
6) CompuCyte
7) Guava
8) Other_________ 

Other instruments I am interested in that are tangently related to flow
cytometry are Luminex and ChromaVision.  If you are using one of these, 
please let me know. 

Please respond to me off-list at my email: lrs1 at
Indicate what kind of facility you are from, eg hospital laboratory, 
private/reference laboratory and where you are from. 


Laura Ruth
email: lrs1 at
Freelance Science Writer
Analytical Chemistry  - Contributing Editor
Worcester, MA 01602 

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