total fluorescence and cell aggregates

Wu Peng WPeng at
Thu Jun 24 09:13:49 EST 2004

Hi all:

  We tried to measure the fluorescence intensity of cells after the cells
were stained with a FITC-conjugated antibody.  Unfortunately there was a
population of aggregated cells, so I assume the geometry mean was not
accurate when those cell aggregates were included in the gating.  Is there a
way that I can just look at the total fluorescence of all the cells
(including single cell and cell aggregates) instead of fluorescence per cell
since I have to include those cell aggregates for the purpose of the
experiment?  I am not sure I can just multiple the geometry mean by the
gated event number.  I appreciate your input.

Wu peng
EluSys Therapeutics, Inc.
Pine Brook, NJ

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