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HI fellow Flow'ers in the Southern California Flow Community!  (if you 
aren't located near there - you can disregard)
	 FloCyte Associates is once again offering Flow Cytometry Courses 
in San Diego - this time both basic and advanced topics will be presented 
over the week of July 26-30.   You might be interested in continuing your 
flow training with one or both of the advanced courses we are offering, a 
multiparameter and compensation course or one on Apoptosis!  We are also 
offering another Basic Flow Cytometry Course for the beginners.  I'd like 
to encourage you to invite others you might know at your institutions who 
would benefit!	To avoid attachments, I have posted a flyer, linked to the 
website itinerary, which you may print and post in your labs and also visit 
the website www.FloCyte.com for the course registration application and 
curriculum.  Thanks for passing the 
word!	  http://www.flocyte.com/FRTP/San%20Diego%202004%20Flyer.htm


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