Sorting - LS threshold?

Howard Shapiro hms at
Fri Jun 18 17:07:13 EST 2004

Ray Hester wrote:

>One more question about sorting - does it matter whether or not you 
>increase the forward light scatter threshold (to block out dead/debris 
>events) during the sort?  I seem to remember from somewhere that it was 
>best to leave the FS threshold low, i.e., open as opposed to closed, but 
>have forgotten the logic.

If you leave the threshold low, dead cells and debris register as events 
and will be excluded from a sort if you have anticoincidence logic. If you 
set the threshold high, the dead cells and debris become invisible to the 
system and, if they end up in a drop containing a wanted cell, they will be 
sorted along with it.


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