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Dear flowers, some days ago I wrote an email asking for help about the
differences between CBA and flowcytomix. First of all, I would like to
thank you for the answers related to this matter. Secondly, for those
people interested in this topic, I post all the answers I received.

Best regards,
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Dear Flowers,
We are highly interested in setting up the determination of several
cytokines in supernatants from cell cultures. We are awared of two
commercially available	flow cytometry based kits that work on a similar

way: the CBA from Becton Dickinson, and the Flowcytomix from Bender
MedSystems (Innogenetics). Could anyone enlighten us about which one
works better in terms of user-friendliness, sensitivity, and


I have not used Flowcytomix but have used both the Th1/Th2 CBA and
Inflammatory CBA from BD on serum from newborns to predict neonatal

G. Hodge, S. Hodge, R. Haslam, A. McPhee, H. Sepulveda, E. Morgan, I.
Nicholson, H. Zola. (2004) Rapid detection of neonatal sepsis by
simultaneous measurement of multiple cytokines using 100mL sample
Accepted for publication, Clin and Exp Immunol.

Both kits performed well- easy to use- sensitive - reproducible.


I've used the BD CBA kits and find them very reliable and simple to


I've been using the BD Biosciences CBA kits for quite some time and have
been very pleased with the overall ease of running samples and analyzing
the data
on the CBA software.  I have been using the CBA Human TH1/TH2 Kit II
[IL-2,4,6,10, TNFa, IFNg] kit for the past six months to evaluate
activated T cell  cytokine
production and was extremely pleased with the sensitivity and
reproducibility from assay to assay and kit to kit.


Hi i have worked with the CBA kit several times and i can say that it is

user friendly though i can cannot comment on its sensitivity compared to
flowcytomix because i have never used the other.CBA works well with me
they have a new modified kit specific for th1 and th2 cells with a total

staining period of 3hrs. I used it on serum samples so i hope it can
for you with the culture supernatants.


 I have not used the Flowcytomix, but I have installed and used the BD
Cytometric Bead Array.	It is a very user-friendly system, where
reagents, hardware, and software are all included.

Depending on the assay chosen, the software will either provide a
quantitative estimate of analyte concentration for assays of eight beads
or fewer, or will give a qualitative, positive/negative analysis for
mouse isotyping assays based on a user-defined cutoff value.

Remember, this multiplex system at this time only analyzes up to 8
analytes at a time, so depending on your needs, you may or may not
choose this system.

I had no difficulties running serum, supernatants, and mouse ear

I hope this information is helpful.


I haven't used the flowcytomix kit, however the CBA kits from BD work
To save costs, you can dilute the reagents about 5-fold.


We use the CBA kit for looking at plasma cytokines, and though expensive
we like it in that it is quick, easy to use and seems reproducible. We
have not compared it with the other product.


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