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Hi Jose,

using allo-activation we found highest CD69 levels after 24 to 48 hours (Fehse et al., BJH 2000). Others have worked quite a bit on this topic:

Caruso, A., Licenziati, S., Corulli, M., Canaris, A.D., De Francesco, M.A., Fiorentini, S., Peroni, L., Fallacara, F., Dima, F., Balsari, A. & Turano, A. (1997) Flow cytometric analysis of activation markers on stimulated T cells and their correlation with cell proliferation. Cytometry, 27, 71-76.

Craston, R., Koh, M., McDermott, A., Ray, N., Prentice, H.G. & Lowdell, M.W. (1997) Temporal dynamics of CD69 expression on lymphoid cells. Journal of Immunological Methods, 209, 37-45.

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  Hi everyone, I want to study the effect of a certain drug on CD69 expression after mitogen activation of human blood lymphocytes. What is the best timing to analuze this marker?. Is 24 hrs after activation too late?
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