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     I now am seeking a new employment opportunity,
somewhere which might be interested in hiring an
experienced flow cytometrist and/or someone with field
applications/technical support experience. I would be
most interested in re-locating to somewhere warm (eg.
CA, or FL), or back home to England. 

     I worked in flow cytometry in England for some
seven years, before moving here to the U.S. around ten
years ago and I now hold full dual U.K./U.S.

     Reently, I have been working as the Senior
Technical Specialist for Guava Technologies, providing
field appications and technical support for their
range of Personal Cell Analyser, micro-capillary based
cytometry systems. I successfully covered a territory
from N.Y.C. up to Canada and west to Buffalo. 

     Prior to that, I managed for fours years the core
flow cytometry for a small bio-technology company,
located just outside Boston, where I had a three laser
MoFlo high-speed cell sorter and a FACScan analyser. 

     I have some seventeen years of experience in flow
cytometry and have designed, established and managed
several such facilities, as well as supported, taught,
consulted, trouble-shot and dealt with all aspects of
this field of work. 

     I have been with my particular company for two
years now, but following a recent company-wide
reorganisation, several members of staff are to be
laid-off, now also including myself. So, the time is
ripe for me to move on. 

	  I am attaching a copy of my current C.V. for
your perusal and I shall look forward to hearing from
any of you who might have any potentially interesting

     Yours sincerely,

     Huw S. ("Zip") Kruger Gray, Ph.D.

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