Maciej Simm simm at cd4cd8.com
Mon Jun 14 12:47:21 EST 2004

I have to admit to occasionally having used expired BD antibodies for 
research projects. The only conjugate dye that seems to age faster than 
the rest of the lot is PerCP. I actually had a 2-years-out-of-date PE 
labeled anti-CD3 antibody that would look very close when titrated 
against a brand new lot (geometric mean were 5-10% lower but the 
frequency was less than 5% off).

I don't recommend that anyone uses expired reagents, but my findings 
were very encouraging. I expect some of the big guns on the list will 
have a list of cons, so please consider those as well!

Maciej Simm

Margaret Wilcock wrote:

>Dear All,
>What is the consensus about expired antibodies and flow cytometry -
>and is there a use for those that are expired.
>Any comments would be appreciated.

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