Effects of freezing and DMSO on expression

Kathy Heel kheel at biaf.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 14 02:06:58 EST 2004

Dear FLOWers,

Has anyone experienced CD25/CD69 upregulation after freezing of cells in a
10% DMSO solution? If so, do you know if it is the freezing or the DMSO that
is causing the upregulation?

Experiment note: Lymphocytes were harvested at day 0 from uninfected mice,
washed and frozen at -80C in a solution of 90%FCS & 10%DMSO. Upon defrosting
(after 6-12 months storage), the cells were washed and stained with
anti-CD4, andti-CD25 and anti-CD69 and analysed using a FACSCaliber. Both
CD25 and CD69 were found to be substantially upregulated compared to
previous experiments with unfrozen cells.

Thanks in advance


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