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Hello !
I will like to know if JC-1 stained cells can be fix for later acquisition.
I read a lot of literature and could not find anything about this regard.
My guess it's no, but I'm not sure.  If anybody can answer this question
for me I'll appreciate it.

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Dear friend,

If you wanted to keep the relation between JC-1 dye and the detected
mitochondrial membrane potential, this is not possible. because JC-1 is a
live dye and will be released as soon as the mitochondrial membrane
potential will be abolished by the fixation.
I propose the following experiment with a dye like CMXRos...
stain your cells and measure them non-fixed in two situations, where you
added nothing and the other one where you perform the same experiment with
10 microM FCCP (Uncoupling agent, incubation time 30 min before you added
the dye).
You will be able to measure the difference in membrane potential on
approximately a log . Then repeat the same experiment and fix you cells to
see if the same differences has been maintained, normally CMXRos reacts
with the S-H group of the proteins within the mitochondria and by the way
may give you a picture of the mitochondrial membrane potential. Some groups
say that this work some other not.

Have fun with that !


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