CBA versus flowmix

Hodge, Greg (HAEM) hodgeg at
Wed Jun 9 21:12:44 EST 2004

 I have not used Flowcytomix but have used both the Th1/Th2 CBA and
Inflammatory CBA from BD on serum from newborns to predict neonatal sepsis.

G. Hodge, S. Hodge, R. Haslam, A. McPhee, H. Sepulveda, E. Morgan, I.
Nicholson, H. Zola. (2004) Rapid detection of neonatal sepsis by
simultaneous measurement of multiple cytokines using 100mL sample volumes.
Accepted for publication, Clin and Exp Immunol. 

Both kits performed well- easy to use- sensitive - reproducible.

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