CEDA,SE to replace CFDA for cell division

Oughton, Julie julie.oughton at oregonstate.edu
Tue Jun 8 11:40:35 EST 2004

I have an investigator who wants to assess caspase activity (using the
FLICA reagent FAM-VAD-FMK which is labeled with carboxy fluorescein) in
her cell division studies. So, instead of using CFDA to track cell
division, she is interested in using 5-(and6)-carboxyeosin diacetate,
succinmidyl ester (CEDA,SE which emits at 542 nm).
In a preliminary study, she found that it was impossible to eliminate
all the spectral overlap from CEDA,SE from the detector used for FITC
fluorescence. Any comments? 
Anyone with any experience using CEDA,SE? All comments would be
Thanks in advance,
Julie Oughton
Oregon State University 
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