Invitation to Contribute to Imaging and Microscopy CD-ROM

J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Tue Jun 8 10:41:31 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues
	Imaging and Microscopy CD-ROM (Vol 2)

This message invites you to contribute to the next on a 
series of CD-ROM published by our laboratory. To date, we 
have distributed over 50,000 copies of 9 CD-ROMs --- 8 in 
cytometry and 1 in imaging and microscopy. The second 
volume of our imaging and microscopy CD-ROM with 5000 
copy distribution is imminent. We have 2-3 weeks to 
complete this next electronic publication. You may see the 
others at

We invite you contribute your unpublished materials - 
images, movies, protocols, lectures, etc. You retain all 
copyrights to all materials published. This is an opportunity 
to publish quality materials in a well recognized series of 
CD-ROMs that will receive worldwide distribution. 

This particular CD-ROM will be distributed initially at the 
MSA meeting in Savannah, and then at a number of 
meetings around the world. As with all of the Purdue CD-
ROMs, it is free to those attending meetings, or if obtained 
from one of the sponsoring companies. The disc is 
produced by our staff at Purdue University Cytometry 
Laboratories and is done so as part of our "Cytomics 
Initiatives in Education" program. 

You may contribute an entire section on your work, a small 
section describing an image or series of images, animations 
or videos or other materials. Book reviews, manual 
evaluations, protocols, technical support information, 
software routines, macros and instrument setup materials 
are welcome and useful.  You must verify that you own the 
copyright by submitting the form at 
and provide permission to us to place this material onto the 
CD-ROM. You retain all ownership rights. If the materials 
are already published, you may require permission of the 
publisher to place the materials onto this CD-ROM by using 
the form which is found at 

All of the above information is somewhere on our website 
starting  here

Time is short, but this means that the materials published 
are very recent. You have 21 days left to contribute!!

You may submit materials directly to me at
Cd2 at or to my personal email 
address. Instructions for FTP of large files are on the 
webpage above.

If you are a company and wish to participate in sponsorship 
which is still available, please contact me directly.

Kind Regards
J. Paul Robinson
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

J.Paul Robinson, PhD		 PH:(765)4940757
Professor of Immunopharmacology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering  
Purdue University	   FAX:(765)4940517
EMAIL:jpr at

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