Parts to offer to the cytometry web group

Mike mevans at
Mon Jun 7 13:46:24 EST 2004

Hello Flowers,

I hope all of you who went to Montpellier were able to gain valuable
experience in your visit and meetings.	I was quite jealous since this was
the first year that I did not attend.  I was able to attend the last meeting
in Montpellier so I know you must have enjoyed it very much!  Hope to be at
the next meeting.  By the way, Where is it being held and when?

Due to my purchase of my 8th used MoFlo, I have still many spare parts that
I have no need for.  I have listed some of them below.	If anyone is
interested, please respond to me directly.   I have no need for them so
"make me an offer I cant refuse"...

Happy Flowing

> 3 sortmaster computer modules
> 3 Cyclone control XYZ stages and Arm to hold slides or trays and CSU
control pcb.  You will need to update the bench power supply.
> 1 Spectra Physics Argon Laser Model 177 488nm laser (very low hours)
> very well

> Refrigerated sort receptacles

> Enterprise II laser and power supply.  It was working when I pulled it off
> but was knocked out of alignment during shipping.  Fires up but not
> Red Wavelength mirrors for the UST towers
> Blue Wavelength mirrors for the UST towers
> ADC Modules
> LUT Modules
> Very new Automated Sample Station.  We use only Manual Sample Station.
> (Would exchange for Manual station plus  "very little" cash)	It came off
a machine that is in immaculate shape.

Universal Towers:  These are the old style very heavy duty towers with
external shutters
> I have a plethera of emisson filters that came from multiple MoFlo's.  I
> will let them go very cheap so they dont go to waste.  We use only 450/50
BP.  Tell me what you would like and I will let you know if I have them.
> Regards,
> Mike Evans

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