Sorting low number of cells

Wayne, Erik J erik-wayne at
Mon Jun 7 09:59:47 EST 2004

My post involves sorting a low number of mouse diI-labeled baroreceptor neurons from
unlabeled neurons using flow cytometry. The total population is about 10^4 neurons from 2
mice (4 total nodose ganglia). The labeled population of interest is estimated to be
~5-10% of the total sample, and we hope to look at gene expression as a downstream
application. My questions are:
1. Is the sorting feasible?
2. If so, how and what sort of yield, viability, purity could we expect?
3. If not, what are the fundamental limiting factors (sheath flow, flow velocity, droplet
sorting, data for pattern recognition?)? What other methods besides flow cytometry might
we try?
Any personal experiences or related experimental approaches would be greatly appreciated.
Erik Wayne
Cardiovascular Research Center
University of Iowa
(319) 335-7674
erik-wayne at

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