Nonreadable FCS 3 files from Coulter FC 500 cytometer

maciej simm simm at
Thu Jun 3 18:55:37 EST 2004

We are currently working on adding the support of these files in the Windows
version of FlowJo, and we notified Coulter of our findings in our efforts so
far. There is a keyword $PnB which specifies the byte length for the
parameter "n". In the LMD files in question, this value is seems to be
interfering with the interpretation of this data by software which requires
strict FCS compliance. 

I don't want to start a big debate over standards (ok, how about a medium
one?) but life would be a lot easier for all FCS analysis software
manufacturers if the data would be written in a consistent way by all
manufacturers who develop acquisition software.

I will post again once we've got a build of FlowJo for Windows that supports
this format. 

I'm also looking forward to the utility Paul mentioned in an email earlier
today. I couldn't find it on CD8, what is it called? I looked in the
/content/software folder. 

Maciej Simm
Tree Star Inc.
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> Subject: Nonreadable FCS 3 files from Coulter FC 500 cytometer
> Hello,
> we are running a cooperative minimal residual disease study with people
> using different platforms (BD and Coulter). For data analysis we want to
> use a centraly designed templates made in Flow Jo software.
> Unfortunately our colleague's Coulter-FC 500 cytometer is producing FCS
> 3 files that are not readable by any other software (Flow Jo or
> CellQuest).
> The troubled instrument is Coulter FC 500 with the Cytomics RXP software.
> Doeas anybody have a suggestion how to overcome the Coulter FCS 3
> incompatibility?
> Thank you Tomas Kalina
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