re nonreadable FCS 3 files

D. Robert Sutherland rob.sutherland at
Fri Jun 4 09:33:26 EST 2004

Hi Tomas,

we ran across a similar situation some time ago, but between our local 
BD specialist and oursleves, we figured it out.
At first I had to 'shame' my colleague from BD into helping me by 
pointing out that FACSconvert, that works fine with FCS 2 files, and 
that we have been using for years, had not been upgraded since 1994 when 
version 1.0 came out!!
This is what subsequently worked for us:
I transferred the listmode file from the FC500 to my G4 powerbook 
running Mac OSX (10.2.6), and dragged the file	directly into a 
workspace in Flowjo (v4.3.2). Double-clicking on the file opens a dot 
plot (FSC versus SSC).
If you then encompass all events in the plot using the rectangular 
gating tool, this subset appears under the original listmode file. Click 
on the file to highlight it. Now go to the 'Workspace' drop down menu 
and select 'export'. Click the highlighted Export button in the dialog 
box that opens and save the file as whatever you want to call it and 
wherevever you want to store it. This file should now open directly in 
Cellquest. I have done this under CQ3.3 on an old Mac, as well as with 
CQ Pro v4,02 running under Classic on my G4 PB.



D. Robert Sutherland,
The University Health Network,
Tel; (416) 946 2218

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