Nonreadable FCS 3 files from Coulter FC 500 cytometer

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Thu Jun 3 13:36:19 EST 2004

Dr. Kalina,

Verity Software House has made our WinList full-featured analysis software
compatible with the FC500 files. In WinList, both the low-resolution and the
high-resolution linear dataset can be read and analyzed.

In addition, we have made an effort to access the full keyword set when the
user is working with either  dataset. If the parameters in both datasets are
compatible, WinList can automatically detect the instrument compensation
settings and apply them to high resolution dataset.   Better still, you can
still adjust the compensation using WinList's controls.
Of course, WinList is available on both the PC and Mac platforms.

I invite you download the trial version form our web site,, and
then request a software "battery" that will enable you to analyze a number
of your own data file to see WinList's performance first-hand. If you have
any other questions, please contact me.

Best regards,

Mark E. Munson
Sales Manager
Verity Software House, Inc.
45A Augusta Road
PO Box 247
Topsham, ME  04086
Phone: 207-729-6767 x191
Fax:   207-729-5443

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