Nonreadable FCS 3 files from Coulter FC 500 cytometer

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Wed Jun 2 16:03:41 EST 2004

The problem is that FCS is a very loose standard, which was not based on a
requirements document. Present software engineering practices require a
requirements document, which is of great use when one is designing tests to
validate software or even in the creation of a manufacturer's compliance

The use of XML schema as the basis of a standard has the benefit that
validation tools exist for schema.  Unfortunately, progress in replacing FCS
with an XML based standard, such as CytometryML, has been slow.
Bob Leif

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we are running a cooperative minimal residual disease study with people 
using different platforms (BD and Coulter). For data analysis we want to 
use a centraly designed templates made in Flow Jo software.
Unfortunately our colleague's Coulter-FC 500 cytometer is producing FCS 
3 files that are not readable by any other software (Flow Jo or CellQuest).

The troubled instrument is Coulter FC 500 with the Cytomics RXP software.

Doeas anybody have a suggestion how to overcome the Coulter FCS 3 

Thank you Tomas Kalina

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