spectrum of" cell tracker orange"

Ian Clements ian.clements at probes.com
Wed Jun 2 16:41:12 EST 2004

Hello Ralph
Cell Tracker Orange is based on the fluorophore Tetramethyl Rhodamine.	
As such its spectra will be near identical to any conjugate of this 
dye.  Below is a link to the spectral of Carboxy-TMR the nearest free 
dye equivalent to CellTracker Orange.


If the link doesn't work search our website for product C300 and that 
will take you their also.

Ian Clements
Molecular Probes Inc.

Rossi Ralph wrote:

>Hello , would any have or know where I could obtain the absorption / emission spectra of
>molecular probes 
>product " cell tracker orange". The information sheets give only the maximum absorption
>and emission , which
>is insufficient for our purposes. Are there any other cell tracking dyes that work well
>in combination with CFSE?
>		ralph
>Ralph Rossi
>Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
>Melbourne, Australia
>email	r.rossi at pmci.unimelb.edu.au

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