Isolation of granulocytes in Chediak Higashi Syndrome or in Specific Granulocyte deficiency

Mul FPJ e.mul at
Thu Jun 3 07:47:50 EST 2004

Hello Horst,

Neutrophils from patient with Specific granules deficiency (SGD) or
Chediak Higashi Syndrome 
(CHS) behave the same as normal neutrophils (they can be a little bit
bigger). We isolated the cells with percoll (density=1.076) or ficoll
(1.077) gradients (You can always checked the layer on top of this
gradient for the presents of neutrophils). 
We lysed the cells with ammoniumchloride and they survived this
treatment. The experience we have with Dextran Radioselectan gradients
where not promising.

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