Isolation of granulocytes in Chediak Higashi Syndrome or in Specific Granulocyte deficiency

von Bernuth Horst vonbern at
Tue Jun 1 07:07:35 EST 2004

Dear collegues!

Is there anybody who has ever isolated granulocytes from a patient 
with Specific granue deficiency (SGD) or Chediak Higashi Syndrome 
(CHS) ? If so: How did you prepare the cells of the patients with SGD 
and CHS for FACS analysis ? Do you have any experience with Dextran 
Radioselectan gradients or other gradients for the isolation of 
granulocytes in these patients ? Have you performed a lysis of 
erythrocytes prior to FACS analysis ?
I am a little concerned whether the Dextran RAdioselectan gradient 
will work in the usual way in SGD and CHS and whether lysis may harm 
granulocytes of these patients quicker than those of healthy 
Any word of advice would be strongly appreciated...
Thank you in advance


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