sorry-one more question...and a rant

Steffen Schmitt facslab at
Mon Jul 26 02:19:01 EST 2004

Hi FACS Core community,

I just read the comments on these issue on my way back home and had to 
Because just today I had one similar case again, where I need some time 
to convince somebody of needful changes in her protocol.
So I just want to add only one thing to Joanne´s comments, which I can 
heartly support.
I know, that it is time consuming, but it is a good feeling to see, 
when students, post docs and others realize, that you are right.
I invite people to do the staining or protocol of question in parallel 
togehter with me. They do it theire way, I do it my way. After 
measuring and analysing both data sets, most scientist are cured and 
take me seriously in the future, when I make suggestions to 
experimental protocols.
And after some time, people will come by themselfs to ask, before they 
will start their experiments or new protocols.

It is good to know, that others (meaning core facility staff) have the 
same problems all over the world and one is not the only one out there.


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