B-cell Markers on EBV Transformed B-Cell lines

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Are you looking for a marker of EBV infection, or simply a B cell specific
marker that is stable across EBV B cell lines?	If the latter, two things
may work.  (1) Try staining with a polyclonal anti- kappa and lambda light
chain (Jackson sells an Fab2 version that has low background) or (2) try HLA
DR/DQ (pharmingen).  We have found these to be more consistent as long as
the EBV lines are made in the lab.  If they are from patients, you may have
some plasmacytoma like lines that will down regulate surface Ig and MHC
Class II.
Hope this helps.
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Does anyone know of a B-cell marker that is consistently expressed on the
surface of EBV transformed B-cells lines?  In our experience, CD19 and CD20
surface expression decreases with length of time cells are in culture.	I
have had some luck with CD23 but surface expression varies from cell line to
cell line and to some extent with length of time in culture.
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