rat neut's mono's

J. Paul Robinson jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
Thu Jan 22 22:15:12 EST 2004

Serotec have a pretty good range of rat 
monoclonals - I have used a lot of them and they 
seemed to be fine.

J. Paul Robinson
Purdue University

On 22 Jan 2004 at 10:31, Manfra, Denise wrote:

> I am starting to work with rats and would like to do some Flow analysis.
> Initially I want to look at neutrophils and monocytes/macrophages. Does
> anyone have experience with staining for these cell types in rat blood,
> tissue homogenates, or fluid exudates? I am searching for the best surface
> antigens to stain for on these cells.
> Thanks,
> Denise
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