Aria ideal max. sort rate w/ viable cells

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Tue Jan 13 18:46:02 EST 2004

If you look at the tech specs (can be donwloaded from the BD website) 
the max analysis rate for 8 par is 70K/sec;slower if more parameters.

Sort rate (70 psi, 90 kHz drop drive) at 25K/sec, 98% purity, 80% of 
poisson theoretical yield.

I think that the sort rate has been confused with the analysis rate 
(perhaps even by BD).

You can sort faster than the spec, but the yield will drop.


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>Dear Michele,
>my rule of thumb for sort rates are usually the frequency divided by 
>4, sometimes 5 depending on cell type. I've never heard BD 
>professing sort rates of 70K/sec .  I sort lymphocytes on FACSDiva 
>at 15K/sec (65KHz)  and on the Aria at 20K ( I haven't gone higher 
>because the cell concentration provided hasn't been dense enough). 
>  Viabilty is good across the board.  Hope that helps
>Hello All,
>Does anyone know the maximum sort rate on the Aria to recover viable 
>cells ( Lymphocytes for example)? I know BD say 70000 events/ sec 
>but this is not for viable cells.
>I can sort up to 10000cells/ sec on a Vantage, is the Aria 
>significantly higher?
>Thanks in advance.
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