Calibur Crashes

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Fri Jan 9 15:18:49 EST 2004

Dear Dagna,

I could not believe it when I read your email - we had the exact same
problem plaguing our lab last summer.  About 2 hours before BD was due here
to change out our entire hard drive, I decided to change the mouse (we also
have a FACSCan that never had any problems so I took that mouse).  We have
not had one problem since - I hope that this simple solution works for you
too, please let me know.

Brenda Rabeno, MT (ASCP)
Flow Cytometry/Tissue Procurement Laboratory
brabeno at

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Subject: Calibur Crashes

Hi Everyone -

I have a FACSCalibur that has been intermittently crashing and 
freezing up and there doesn't seem to be a noticable pattern to it. 
Sometimes the mouse stops working and everything else is fine, 
sometimes it freezes when folks move windows around in CellQuest. 
Does anyone else out there experience this strange phenomena and what 
have you done to remedy the situation.	I should note that I do have 
FileGuard and OS9.  My other Calibur is set up the same way and 
doesn't seem to suffer from this mysterious spontaneous freezing. 
We've had IT guys look at the machine and they can't find anything to 
explain this either.

Thanks for your help,

Dägna Solveig Sheerar
Manager Flow Cytometry Facility
Robarts Research Institute
PO Box 5015
100 Perth Drive
London, Ontario
N6A 5K8

519 663 5777 x 34042

dsheerar at

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