Porcine leukocytes

Wolber, Fran F.M.Wolber at massey.ac.nz
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We've also got some upcoming pig flow work, and we're complete porcine novices, so please
cross-post any into to me as well!

Thanks muchly

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Dear Colleagues,

we are planning experiments with porcine peripheral blood leukocytes in flow for
immunophenotyping and cell activation measurements using antibody labeling for
investigating the activation of the immune system after cardiac surgery.

We had difficulties to find providers for clones or antiserums labeled with fluorochromes
or biotin. Because we intend to do multi-color experiments, any color excitable with
488nm or 633nm is suitable. If you have experience with immunophenotyping by flow in pigs
it would also be useful to us to get hints if anything special needs to be taken into
account with respect to staining etc.. Do you have typical dot-plots form pig leukocytes?

In this context we wish also to study serum levels of troponin I and CK-MB. Do You have
any experience whether the human ELISA-Kits are suitable for swine troponin I and CK-MB
or do You know if there are any (swine) ELISA- Kits suitable for these components ? (An
alternative question is whether the Aboot Axsym system we have in our house could also
measure troponin I from pigs?).

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You for Your efforts


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