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J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Fri Feb 13 22:03:10 EST 2004

I am sure that there will be lots of comments here - 
BUT....the blue one is 3rd Edition and is expensive....the 
white/orange cover is the 4th editions and is 
$119.....quite cheap actually. 
at 680 pages that makes it about 17 cents per page. 

Now you can print color copies on a regular laser printer 
at around 7 cents a page - so that makes Howard's 
words worth about 10 cents per page (because it already 
has words on it as well!).

Now there are around 848 words per page (106 lines at 8 
words/line) so that means he is worth about 1/100 of a 
cent per word.

So, when Howard tells us "Here are my 2 cents worth" - 
you can interpret that as being worth at least 200 words. 
(By the way that would make a talk by Howard worth 
about $1.50/hour!!)

So, now you know at least that the white/orange book is 
much better value, although if you really think about it, 
Howard's advice in the older edition, costs much more, 
so does that mean it is better?

I have probably totally confused you....just buy the $119 - 
its cheap!! and Howard's advice is definitely worth more 
than 2 cents!

J. Paul Robinson
Purdue University

On 12 Feb 2004 at 18:16, Barbara Oppenlander wrote:

> Dear Flowers:
> Howard's book has been out a while, but I am finally getting around to
> purchasing one.  My question is: Online Amazon offers Practical Flow Cytometry
> by Howard M Shapiro $195.00 with a blue cover and  Wiley-VCH offers Practical
> Flow Cytometry by Howard M Shapiro with a top 1/2 pictures, bottom orange,
> August 2003 for $11900.
> What is the difference, besides price, in these two books?
> Thank you for your help.
> Sincerely,
> Barbara Oppenlander
> oppenb at

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